Cleanser of oily skin


cleanser for oily skin

Do you have problems with your oily skin?

Does it make you worried and discomfort?

No more difficulties. No more hassles. Let’s find out what makes your oily skin worsen. Let’s know about the cleanser for oily skin. In this article you will find out what to do and what not to do?

Skin is a very important part of our life. Skin always keeps us protected from the outside obstacle, germs, dirties, and impurities. So, it is quite clear that you have to clean your skin properly. So that it can serve your body and protect your body. Without cleansing your skin, it can cause acne and skin breakout.

To prevent skin problem, you have to find good cleanser for oily skin. Before finding cleanser, you have to know the causes and problems about your skin. You have to find ingredients that can be used for your oily skin.

 Causes of oily skin

Before using cleanser, you have to know about why oily skin happen. You have to know this because you have to find out what type of cleanser can help you.

There are lots of causes of oily skin. Here you will find some of them.


This is tolly fate that you will get oily skin. Genetically inheriting this type of skin is common for the people. So, if your mom and dad had oily skin, you may have oily skin.


Hormonals changes is responsible for extra oil production. It can also fluctuate sebum production. There are some factors that are most of the reasonable reason for oily skin. They are extreme stress, unhealthy diet, less sleep, during adolescence, during pregnancy, post pregnancy, before menopause, during menopause, after menopause, or illness etc.

Weather and humidity

Weather and humidity are the fact that can influence human life, health and style. Human skin is a protector for human body. When harsh weather wants to harm you, your skin protects you from it. But your skin can be dry and harsh to protect you. So that your skin gland become simulate to produce more oil and sebum. In this case your skin become oily and glossy.

Harsh or Excessive Cleansing

Your oil/sebum gland always react when your skin dries out. If you just have used hash cleanser for your greasy skin, it will not help you. It will be more simulate to produce more oil and sebum. Again, if you just have washed your skin over and over due to oily skin, it won’t work. So, you have to just follow the best skin care routine for oily skin.

Medications and Products

To live a healthy life, you may have to take many medications. Oral medication, hormonal changes medication or other medication can make your skin dry. In this situation your skin glands produce more oil and sebum to hydrate your skin. Some makeups or skin care product can simulate your sebaceous gland to produce more oil and sebum. So that your skin become oily.

Wrong Or Poor Diet

We all know that there are a lot of tasty food that we can restrain ourselves to have them. These foods can contain extra sugar, carbohydrate or dairy. Having these foods can simulate your sebaceous gland to produce more oil and sebum. So that your skin become oilier and greasier.

Vast Pores   

There are a lot of reason that your skin pores can become large or vast. Like as- weight fluctuation, illness, breakout, wrong product or age. If your skin pores become large, it may simulate your glands to produce more oil and sebum. It can be a reason of your oily skin.

Not using moisturizer

It is totally a wrong idea to not use a moisturizer for oily skin. You may think that your skin does not want any moisturizer. But when your skin gland makes more oil and sebum, it is the cry of your skin. When your skin dries out, your sebaceous gland may produce more oil and sebum.

Problems That Your Oily Skin Faces

You have done with the causes of oily skin. Now you have to find out what problems that face your oily skin. After that you can choose a cleanser as per your criteria.

Here you will find out the problems that faces your oily skin.


Always shiny

In our skin we have sebaceous glands. As you know from the above, there are a lot of reason why our sebaceous gland produces so much oil and sebum. That is why our skin is always greasy, shiny and dirty.

 Large pores 

You will find that your oily skin produces more and more oils and sebum. Moreover, these oils and sebum trapped in your skin pores. After some days these trapped oil and sebum become white or black heads. When these pores oxidize itself, your pores explode. You will find large pores in that place.

Acne and pimple problem

When your skin is oily skin, it is not enough that you have greasy texture and large pores. You will find that your skin is face another big problem. That is acne or pimple or breakout. Due to oil and sebum, bacteria born in your skin. That bacterium makes the worse condition by producing acne or breakout.

You have known the causes and problems of your oily skin. So now you have to find a solution. The most effective solution is using a cleanser for oily skin.

What kind of cleanser you have to use?

Shiny skin, large pores and acne are the problems of your oily skin. So, you have to use a mild cleanser that can erase oil. Also, it can clear pores and kill acne bacteria from your skin. To treat your acne salicylic acid is the most important ingredient. So, the cleanser that contains salicylic acid is affective for your oily skin. Don’t use harsh cleanser for cleansing your oily skin. Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate can be your mild skin cleanser ingredient. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is so mild that it can be use in baby products. Oh! Lastly water should be the solvent of your mild cleanser.

Cleanser for oily skin should be chosen carefully. Because cleanser for oily skin is the solution of tis type of skin problem. If you didn’t choose best cleanser for oily skin, you will find yourself in a great problem. So, cleanser for oily skin article can solve your mess up mind. Be patient and do the skin care routine. Love your skin. Love yourself.

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