Black Spots

Black Dots On Face!

Black Dots On Face

Annoying black dots on face? You may have “black dots on your forehead”. “Black dots on forehead” are a headache. Your beauty is hidden under your black dots.  Kick out black dots from your face today!

Black dots are really some big troubles for skin, aren’t they? How hard do you try to remove tiny black dots on your face? But they don’t leave you! Lol!

There are many reasons why you get dark spots or melasma. In this era beauty is a key to confidence. Small mole can be a reason for your death. Because changing moles are the reason for many diseases.

Flawless skin is desirable by all. But if a person doesn’t try to keep his/her skin flawless, how can he/she get rid of “black bots on face”?

It is not so hard to do skin care remedies at your home. In this article you will find reasons for “black dots on face”. You will also find homemade remedies and some ingredients that can help you to get rid of “black bots on face”.

Why do you get dark dots on skin?

“Black dots on face” are the result of hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigment is caused by melanin. Melanin is the reason for your skin color. Excessive melanin can change your skin color. There are many reasons for hyper pigmentation. Here are some black dots on face reasons.

Aging and Dark Spots on face

When you get older your skin can produce black dots, dark sports. Aging is a reason for “black dots on face”. Aging can make immunity less strong. Your skin can be dull. your skin won’t produce protein like before. Your skin can produce more melanin. That is why hyper pigmentation happens in your older ages.

Hormonal Chances and Dark Spots on Skin

There can be hormonal changes in your body. Due to pregnancy you can have hormonal changes. Or if you are in your menopause you can have hormonal changes also. Hormonal changes affect your skin pigmentation and produce melasma or dark spots.

UV rays and dark spots on skin

Sun is the source of all living beings. But do you know you can have dark spots due to sun exposure. Because there are UV-rays in sun rays. It is so harmful that it can cause cancer. Due to environmental pollution, the ozone layer is getting harmed more and more. The Ozone layer is the absorber of the UV rays. That is why sun rays are the reason for your melasma and dark spots.

What if your black spots become “brown dots on face”?

Usually black spots are not harmful. They just appear and ruin your beauty. But there can be changes in black spots. It can turn into brown dots on the face. Or it can turn red. If you see any changes in your black dots like color, size or anything, immediately go to the doctor. Because it can be the beginning of your skin cancer.

Now let’s explore what type of natural treatment can remove black dots from your face. Here I will help you with natural ingredients.

Use Sunscreen

If you don’t use sunscreen at all, you are doing the wrong thing. Because without sun cream you can’t protect your skin from uv- rays. Uv-rays can produce melasma and dark spots on your face. So use sun cream to protect your skin from the sun.

When you are cooking, you should also use sun cream. Fire can also harm your skin. So to make your skin safe, you should use sunscreen everyday. It is a prevention.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. It can reduce pigmentation from skin. You can use it to remove your dark spots. Buy apple cider and remove your dark spots. Use apple cider with water. It can be a cure.

Use Aloe Vera

We all know that nature is the cure to all problems. Aloe vera is a plant that can be your daily soothing gel. It is a wonder plant that helps you to get proper and desired skin. It nourishes and hydrates your skin. It can also lighten your dark spots. Use aloe vera at night. Wash your face in the morning. Do this everyday. It makes your skin calm and smooth.

Use Milk

Milk is a healthy food that you should drink every day. Milk contains lactic acid. Drinking milk can make your skin glow and flawless. Beside drinking you can use milk or buttermilk for lightening your skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation will be lightened up if you take care of your skin with this ingredient.

It is a healthy and tasty way to get flawless skin.

Use Tomato Paste

Black Dots On Face

Tomatoes are beautiful vegetables, aren’t they? Dermatologist said that if a person consumes and uses tomato paste it can lighten up your skin. So, use tomato paste to avoid melasma and dark spots.

Skin is our largest body part. Our beauty depends on our skin. A beautiful face is the most important body part of all to become a beauty. Because everyone keeps an eye on your face. Beautiful skin can make you confident and spritful. Whenever you see yourself beautiful in a mirror it makes you think bold and energetic.

Sometimes in your pregnancy you can have hyper pigmentation problems. Never ever ignore your dark spots in your pregnancy. Make sure to consultant a doctor.

Another thing is never ever ignore a changing mole. If you see your “Black dots on face” change color and size. Show your doctor. Because changing a mole can be the reason for many diseases. It can turn into a cancer cell.

Use natural ingredients to stay beautiful. Nature is love. Nature can’t harm you in any way.

You have to maintain your hydration level. You have to consume fruit and vegetables. Don’t keep your skin dirty. Dirt’s can harm your skin.

Lastly, maintain natural things. Eat and drink naturally. Leave unhealthy life and unhealthy foods to avoid “Black dots on face”. And of course leave the sugar. Sugary food produces acne and makes you sick. It also makes you gain weight. If you can maintain a healthy life, you can fight off “Black dots on face”. No more Black dots on face. So use natural. Consume nature. Love yourself. Be yourself.

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