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If you have oily skin, this content is for you.

Are you fade up with your oily skin? You will have tried a lot of tricks and product for making your skin less oily. But you didn’t get any expected result with your effort. No more effort less skin care. In this article you will get to know best skin care routine for oily skin.

As you know oily skin feels greasy. It makes your skin absorbing all the dirties and impurities. So, your skin faces a lot of problems including acne. Acne or pimple problem is very common for oily skin.

If you love your skin, you have to take best skin care routine for oily skin. So, step by step you have to follow the routine. Following some healthy habits, and a daily skin care routine for oily skin can give you a beautiful skin. To avoid skin problems healthy habits can claim your skin condition. So, all you have to maintain is to follow the best skin care routine for oily skin.

Step 1- Cleanse oil and impurities from your oily skin

First of all, you have to cleanse your skin with a deep cleanser. As you are aware of this oil and dirties can harm your skin. So, you have to cleanse it properly. In this way oil, dirties, and impurities can’t make any impact on your skin.

Everyday a lot of dirties and impurities make your skin dull and blemish. Our skin helps us to protect from outside harmful agent. Oil, dirties and impurities are the reasons of acne and skin breakout for your oily skin.

So, in the morning, and at night cleanse your skin properly. You should also cleanse your skin after coming home from outside. This is the way you can make your oily skin net and clean from oil, dirties and impurities. At least twice a day you should cleanse your oily skin with a cleanser.

Step 2- Use a toner on your oily skin

In this step you have to use a toner. Using toner after cleanser is the best way to treat your oily skin. Toner is an essential agent for your oily skin or acne prone skin. It can clean your skin pore from the depth. It makes skin complexion better. It can also control your skin ph. So, you can assume that without toner your skin cleansing is inappropriate. In this case you have to use toner to complete skin cleansing properly.

To use toner, take a pad or ball. Apply the toner with this pad all over the face and neck. Please avoid to apply in these areas- eye, under eye and lips.

Consider to use toner twice a day. So that it can work more effectively. If your toner contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid, it will be best for your oily skin.

Toner may make your skin dry. To see the reaction first use tone 2 or 3 times in a week.

Step 3- Using a moisturizer on your oily skin

As you have completed using toner. Now you have to do something that can balance your skin texture. To do so you have to use a moisturizer. People may think that oily skin doesn’t need any moisturizer. But that is not correct. Toner can make your skin dry. Moisturizer will balance your skin complexion better. It is a great agent that can make your skin smooth and soft.

Moisturizer doesn’t contain any water. It helps to keep hydration in your outer layer of skin. So, that you skin doesn’t became dehydrate. Oily skin produces more oil and sebum than natural skin. it is a sign your skin needs more hydration. So, you have to use moisturizer to make your skin hydrate.

After using cleanser and toner you have to this use moisturizer. Take some drop of moisturizer. Then make dots with the moisturizer on your chic, nose and chin. After that rub the moisturizer on your face all over face. This the way to apply a moisturizer on your face.

Step 4- Use some serum to treat your skin

Eye serum is a great treat for under eye. Eye serum contains vitamin C, vitamin E, and anti-aging properties. It can make your skin became better. Eye serum is a product that can lift up under eye and above eye. So, it will make you look like young and beautiful. You can use an eye serum twice or thrice a week. It is not necessary to use it day and night. You can use it after at least 12 hours.

You can use a face serum. It will help you to control sebum production. If you have scars and redness problem, serum can help you. Take some drop of serum. Use it all over your face and neck. Apply it properly. Wait 5 minute. So that your skin can absorb the serum. In this way you can use a face serum.

Target your problem. Choose a serum for that target. you can use this serum in your oily skin. This is the best way to treat your skin.


Step 5- Medication for acne problem

If you have oily skin, you may have acne problem or breakout problem. So, get an appointment to a dermatologist. Use the medication that is prescribed by the dermatologist. Regular use of medication can remove your acne, pimple or breakout.

These are the steps of best skin care routine for oily skin. Oily skin is a skin which have a lot of problem. But you don’t need to be panic. Be regular to the steps that is mentioned in this article. Regular using these steps of best skin care routine for oily skin, can help you to have a great skin. Taking care of skin is a best way to treat yourself. It can make you confident and powerful in your life. So, be attentive and maintain the best skin care routine for oily skin.

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