Winter Acne

10 Amazing Tips for Winter Acne Solution

Are you searching for winter acne solution? You have come to the right place.

Winter is a harsh weather. It is very annoying to have dry skin with acne. Even if you try to have acne treatment your skin will become drier. As most of the acne reducing product makes your skin drier. So, it is quite clear that having winter acne is a difficult term for your skin.

 But winter acne can be prevented. Here you will find some tips that can prevent winter acne. You can consider to take these tips for your winter acne solution. Not only for your skin, but also these tips are the great way to be healthy.

First you will find some solution that are essential for your winter acne. These treatments are winter acne solution, if you have winter acne.

To know about winter acne treatment read this article frequently.

Why winter acne is happened?


Most of the people thinks that acne happens in warm weather is the worse. But it is not true. Winter acne can become a severe problem for you.

Our skin has tons of pores. In winter our skin pores clogged with sebum, oil and dirties. These make pimples, blackhead, white head. Sometimes big lamps also happen in our skin. That makes it worsen.

Now you will have a question that why our skin produces that much sebum and oil? Why it clogged our skin pores?

The answer is it is our skin self-protective properties. In winter our skin become drier. So, our skin produces more oil and sebum to hydrate itself.

Now there is another question which is why our skin loses its moisturizer? In winter people try to make them warm by heating or getting warm bath. On the other hand, winter air is dry. Dry air and man-made heating system both makes our skin difficult to keep its moisturizer. And we end up having winter acne.

Here are some tips to reduce your acne breakout.

Cleanser that contains AHA/ BHA

Cleanser that contains BHA (benzoyl peroxide cleansers) is always recommended for treating acne. But in winter it is not a good idea.

It will be good for your winter acne if you use an AHA and a BHA together in a cleanser. So, it will be best for your skin, cleanser that contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid both.

Vitamin A for Acne

Vitamin A is a supplement that can be used for your acne prevention. It can be a treatment for whole year. Basically, it helps not to clogged your skin pores. When it fights with the bacteria of your pores, your skin doesn’t face any breakout or acne. So, you can use it all over the year.

But during winter if you feel any type of inflammation or irritation, you should stop using vitamin A. Never ever use it on your wet skin. You should also get help from a dermatologist.

Use Niacinamide and Ceramides

Niacinamide is a super soothing agent for your skin. Who want inflammation in their skin? No one right?

 Inflammation makes your skin irritated when it appears in your skin. Niacinamide is an anti- inflammation treatment for your skin. So, use niacinamide for making your skin smooth and clam.

Acne is a severe problem you know. To take acne treatment, you have to make your skin prepare for it. To do so you have to use ceramides. Ceramides makes your skin strong and moisturizing. So, to lock moisturizer you have to keep using ceramides.

Besides this you have to go to doctor for checkup.

10 tips that can help you reduce appearing acne :

  1. Don’t use cold Water or very warm water. Use lukewarm water. Because hot water or cold water can make your skin drier by losing moisturizer.
  2. Always use moisturizer after bath. Keeping your skin moisturize you need to use moisturizer. Because dry skin in winter can make your acne worse. So, to avoid acne in winter it is always need to keep your skin clean and moisturized.
  3. Please clean your skin regularly. Because dirties can clogged your skin pores. Clogging your skin pores can end it up having winter acne.
  4. Use cleanser to exfoliate your dead skin cells. As you know before that dead skin cells can clogged your skin pores. This can produce acne in your skin. So, you should take an exfoliating facial from an expert. Because expert can exfoliate your dead cells properly. Without getting an experts help your winter acne can be worse.
  5. Don’t over use cleanser. Because it can also make your skin, keep avoiding over use of cleanse.
  6. Nourish yourself. It means you should eat more fruits, honey and the food that contain fiber and fat. Not the animal which contain fats. The food like sunflower seeds, butter and nuts. Take a food that contains six elements of food. It will make you, your health and your skin glowing and attractive.
  7. Keep any type of exercise what ever you like. But do exercise regularly. So, that your skin health will be better.
  8. Keep your room ventilated by fresh air. Every day you should keep your room’s window open. So that fresh air can come into your room. It can keep the bad air outside the room. Go to outside at least for 10-20 min in the sun.
  9. Drink water properly. A male should drink 3 liters water in a day. A female should drink 2.5 liters water in a day. Drinking water can make your blood clear. It can hydrate yourself. So, you should drink a correct amount of water in a day.
  10. Don’t forget to use suns cream in winter also. Because suns cream can protect your skin from harmful sun rays. When you are cooking in your kitchen. You should use suns cream also.


Winter acne is a severe problem for all over the world. But in this article, you have founded the treatment and preventions for your healthy glowing skin. If you want to fight back with your winter acne, you should try these winter acne solutions. Winter acne can be cured. It is not an incurable disease. In winter you should moisturize yourself. Warm yourself. You should also enjoy some healthy vegetables and delicious foods with lukewarm water. Be yourself. Love yourself.

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